Putin can’t sell Russian oil anymore! A big crisis in Russia!

Vladimir Putin can’t sell Russian oil! No country accepted Vladimir Putin’s oil tankers, and because they were not allowed to enter the port, the oil tankers had to be chained in the middle of the sea. Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many other countries continue to impose sanctions on Russia. The oil reserves held by Russia were one of the largest sources of income for the Russian economy. However, Western countries decided not to buy the oil sold by Russia in order to make Russia’s bad economy even worse. However, it seems that the Russian government was unaware of this decision taken by the West, and therefore had to chain the oil tankers it had sent to the middle of the sea before they were taken to the port. When the oil tankers sent by Putin to Greece were not taken to the port, Russia wanted to try its luck at the Turkish ports, but as is known, the relationship between the leaders of the two countries is currently quite tense and for this reason, they did not accept Russian oil tankers in Turkey. Dec. In order to deter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many countries continue sanctions and embargoes against Russia.

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