Putin Can Withdraw from the Invasion! Shock Move from Ukraine!

Russia continues to attack Ukraine.As the attacks continue, economic sanctions are also starting to increase.Vladimir Zelenskiy, in his online speech at the NATO summit, Calling on the leaders of NATO countries, he said: “I can tell you what we need; we need security guarantees, and in a common security space there is a you should find a place. Either with enough emergency assistance to Ukraine to win, or with Russia it’s a Decelerated war between you,” he said.The modern Ukraine, which the NATO countries have Zelenskiy, pointing out that he needs anti-missile and anti-aircraft air defense, He also called on NATO countries to increase the supply of modern artillery systems. Zelenskiy stressed that financial support for Ukraine is at least as important as arms assistance, stressing that, “Russia is still receiving billions daily and spending them on the war. Billions of us we have a dollar deficit, but there is no oil and gas to cover it. About 5 billion every month we need dollars.

This is necessary for defense and protection,”he said.The truth of Russia it is worth noting that his goal is to re-influence the countries that were once in his sphere of influence, Zelenskiy, “In an era of an extremely aggressive Kremlin, the world needs an extremely courageous alliance. And I am sure that the results of this summit and what the future of NATO will be will be at the summit a year later will emerge. And the fact that I will speak at the next summit of the alliance next year will be proof of our common victory,” he said.

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