Nuclear Weapons to Ukraine! LAST MINUTE

Military operation launched in Ukraine under orders from Russian President Vladimir Putin 110. he’s in his day. Radoslaw Sikorski, the former Polish Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, who is now a member of the European Parliament, said Ukraine must be given nuclear weapons to regain its independence. “Ukraine is known to give up its nuclear potential after the signing of the Budapest Memorandum in 1994. At the time, everyone understood that Ukraine would become an independent country within the borders established in the Soviet era. But since Russia violated this Budapest Memorandum, I believe that we, as the West, have the right to give Ukraine nuclear war support,” he said.

Stating that Russia had no courage to attack with nuclear weapons, Sikorksi said, “I don’t think Putin would dare attack NATO territory with nuclear weapons. I don’t see any preparation for that right now, except for the speeches. Russia has several thousand tactical warheads stored in specially crafted warehouses. We are closely following the situation with our allies,” he said.

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