New sanctions against Russia

Biden declared!

U.S. President Joe Biden said the United States would take action to end Russia’s “privileged nation” status in trade relations.

US works to isolate Russia!!

US President Biden said he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy today and assured him that the US “stands by the Ukrainian people”. “As I say to Zelenskiy every time we speak, I told Zelenskiy that the United States stands with the Ukrainian people and they are fighting bravely to defend their country. As Putin continues his brutal offensive, the United States, its allies and partners are trying to increase the economic pressure on Putin and strengthen Russia globally,” Biden said. continues to work to further isolate it from the scene.”

Russia will pay a heavy price if it uses chemical weapons.

US President Biden said in a statement that Russia would pay a “heavy price” if it used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Imports of seafood, vodka and diamonds from Russia will be banned.

“While we are going after their superyachts and houses worth hundreds of millions of dollars, we will also prevent them from buying high-end products manufactured in our country. We will also ban the export of these products,” Biden said. A White House official said after Biden’s remarks that the United States would ban alcohol and seafood imports from Russia, such as vodka and caviar, and that the US ban on luxury goods exports to Russia would cover goods such as tobacco, clothing, jewelry, cars and antiques. .

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