NATO sends Tanks to Ukraine

Ukraine has been under Russian occupation for more than 40 days.
NATO countries, fearing to be dragged into direct war with Russia, are extremely cautious and heavy-handed in their military assistance.
There is a critical development.For the first time, a NATO member has sent offensive weapons to the Ukrainian army.

The Country That Took My Step is The Czech Republic

It supplied Ukraine with Soviet-made T71 type tanks and infantry assault vehicles.
Photos of trains carrying tanks appeared in the Czech press.
Czech Foreign Minister Jana Černochová announced that they will continue to send light and heavy weapons to Ukraine from now on.

Germany Has Approved the Sending of about 60 Armored Combat Vehicles to Ukraine.

The United States will send a hundred-million-dollar JAVELIN missile.
This will be the sixth military aid package sent to the country since August.It remains unclear when and how the shipment will be made.
Slovakia, on the other hand, is considering opening its military facilities for the repair of damaged Ukrainian armored vehicles

Ukrainian armored vehicles will be able to be repaired in Slovakia by crossing the border.Ukraine also wants to buy weapons from private companies in Israel.
Negotiations are ongoing, but the Israeli press wrote that it is difficult to reach an agreement.
Israel had not agreed to sell weapons to Ukraine before the war.

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  1. Nato countrys need to do more for Ukraine send them more tanks stinger missiles javilins and some how get war plane to the region cut off Russia at the Black sea and send war ships to the gulf of aman

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