Lavrov: Ukraine Demands a New Agreement

“Ukraine submitted a new text of the agreement to Russia on Wednesday,” Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said today. Ukraine’s request is different from the proposals it has submitted in Istanbul,” he said.

A surprising statement about Ukraine came from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Lavrov said that Ukraine’s new deal with Russia was different from its proposals in Istanbul. Lavrov stressed that this situation is unacceptable.

Lavrov also made statements about the Putin-Zelenskiy meeting. Lavrov explained that the Ukrainian side had offered to discuss the Crimea and Donbass issues during the Putin-Zelenskiy meeting, but that this would not be the case under any circumstances.

Lavrov said that despite all these developments, negotiations will continue, while they themselves are working on a draft plan to submit to Ukraine.

The Russian minister blamed the United States, saying that pressure was being put on Ukraine from this country to continue the war.

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