Last Minute The Ukrainian Military Shot Down two Russian Fighter Jets! Putin Is Cornered!

The Ukrainian army continues its step-by-step successes on the ground and on the ground. The Special Operations Center of the Security Service of Ukraine, held on July 15, 2022 in a statement, he announced that the Ukrainian military had shot down two Russian fighter jets. Operation As for the central issue, “Recently, in the Zaporizhia region two Su-25 fighter jets of the invading Russian troops are attached in the settlement of Orihiv and Stepov, he tried to attack. However, they failed.

Our army has successfully shot down two fighter jets.” description found. Also, the Special Operations Center of the Security Service of Ukraine is outside the two fighter jets that were shot down, Among the recent achievements of the special forces are the Decommissioning of four infantry fighting vehicles, one armored personnel carrier, he also counted the destruction of an ammunition depot and various positions of the Russian invaders.

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