Last-Minute The Statement that Scares Putin! Zelensky gave the Good News!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.But the Russians still haven’t got what they want.Ukraine his army continues to heroically resist,to disappoint the Russians.Also President Zelensky is trying to strengthen diplomatic decisions.Zelensky called for Ukraine to join the European Union he’s doing everything he can to get in.

Looks like he got what he wanted, too. Zelenskiy shared on his Instagram account about the decision to grant Ukraine the status of a “candidate country in his video message, he said: “This is a victory. we waited 120 days, 30 years.” he used his statements. Stating that the future of his country is in the EU, Zelenskiy said: “This is the European Union with Ukraine it is a unique and historical moment in the relations between Dec. The future of Ukraine is in the EU.” said.

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