Last-Minute The Decision that will Bring Down Russia! Putin Can Withdraw!

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, aid continues to arrive in Ukraine. But these aids could not inflict a heavy enough blow on Russia.Ukraine attacks Russia itself he had applied for EU membership to end it.Some EU countries have responded positively to this issue in giving it, he secretly notes that he abstained because some countries did not want to get involved in the war. The countries that support Ukraine, especially Zelensky, are doing their best to get Ukraine to join the EU doing.Germany tops these countries. Expressing that he does not expect any negotiations for the end of the war in Ukraine anytime soon “The fact is that we are very, very far from negotiations between Ukraine and Russia,” Scholz said Decisively. Scholz said that the reason for this is that Russian President Vladimir Putin called it a “dictated peace he expressed that he still believes in the possibility”.

Scholz noted that Russia is “against the people of Ukraine, innocent women, men and children he stated that he was “waging a brutal war”, stating that it was a “barbaric crime”. Scholz believes that Germany should therefore provide Ukraine with “financial, economic, humanitarian, political and he said that he would support the “delivery of weapons” and that Ukraine would help Germany he said he would do it as long as he needed to.

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