Last-Minute Statement from Ukraine That Will Scare Putin!

In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, both sides are responsible for Decrying their own losses timidly, the enemy continues to explain his losses. February June 24-June 14, a statement from the Ukrainian General Staff said It was noted that the data on the losses of the Russian army in the war have been updated.

According to the statement, 32,500 Russian soldiers were killed on the territory of Ukraine, as well as 233 aircraft, information was shared that 179 helicopters, 1434 tanks, 3,503 armored vehicles, 721 cannons, 229 rocket launcher systems and 97 air defense systems were destroyed. According to the statement, the Russian army has 2,473 vehicles and fuel vehicles, 58 special vehicles, 13 ships and he was also quoted as having lost a light speedboat and 588 unmanned aerial vehicles. On March 25, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that 1,351 Russian soldiers had been killed in Ukraine.

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