Last-Minute Shock Call from Europe to Putin! Putin May Withdraw!

According to a new survey conducted in Europe, how is the Russia-Ukraine war on the continent the rift is growing that it should be over. The defeat of some segments of Russia renouncing part of Ukraine’s territory, arguing that it should be subjected to The number of people who want to go to a truce with Russia as soon as possible is growing steadily. “The Ukrainian leader and his officials,” French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday at some point he will have to negotiate with Russia”” the statement added, adding to the controversy and it had led to some criticism. Russian separatists in Ukraine, whom Macron visited today claims that he will pressure her to give up part of her lands in the east, where she is located it had been brought up.

A survey of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), a Berlin-based think tank, This opinion of Macron has found great support in the public opinion of France, Germany and Italy. ECFR Director Mark Leonard, “With those who want the war to end as soon as possible There is a huge polarization among those who want Russia to be punished,” Decker said. The economic impact of war on Europeans and the growing nuclear danger Leonard, who noted that he was uncomfortable, said that this division He said that it could lead to a serious internal crisis in Europe.

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