Last Minute Putin Failed! He Had Done Everything To Prevent This

It was announced this morning that Sweden and Finland, which want to join NATO, have submitted their applications. NATO Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg considered the applications a ‘historic step’. Finland’s NATO Representative Klaus Korh Decen and Sweden’s NATO Representative Axel Wernhoff met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the Belgian capital Brussels. Korhonen and Wernhoff delivered the application documents to Stoltenberg live on air.

Stoltenberg, who received the application documents from NATO representatives, said in a statement: “Every nation has the right to choose its own path. And you made your choice after long democratic processes. I welcome the demands of Finland and Sweden to join NATO,” he said. Noting that both countries are close partners of NATO, Stoltenberg said: “Your membership in NATO will strengthen our common security. Your applications today are a historic step. The allies will evaluate the next steps you will take towards NATO,”he said.

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