Last-Minute A Big Blow to the Russian Army!

We have seen that hacker groups have also been involved in the Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for more than three months, many times. A new statement from the famous hacking team Anonymous claimed that Russia’s unmanned aerial vehicles were hacked. Anonymous, which has attacked radio and television networks in Russia several times before, has carried out a hacking attack on the Russian military for the first time.

The group’s Twitter account said that the networks of the company responsible for producing unmanned aerial vehicles for the Russian army had been infiltrated. In a statement shared by Anonymous, it was stated that the data of the companies involved in the production of UAVs had been leaked. In addition, it was stated that there is information about important unmanned vehicles such as Orion-E attack aircraft in this list. The hackers, who are making a move against the Russian military for the first time, have threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin many times before. The group appears to have gained access to the UAV data as a result of these threats.

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