Kremlin’s plans announced! Putin Said!

“The EU has lost its political sovereignty. In Europe, the true interests of the people have been put aside. This will lead to radicalism and change of elites in the region,” he said. However, Putin said Russia is not responsible for the global rising food prices. Accusing the United States of raising food prices by printing money, Putin said Russia is ready to increase exports of grain and fertilizer and Russia will provide food assistance to Africa and the Middle East. “We are ready to talk about food supply. We are not blocking Ukraine’s food exports,” he said, noting that the problem is not today and Russia cannot be held responsible for it.

Russian President also said Russia’s decision to launch a “special military operation” in Ukraine is a difficult process, saying Russia’s military operation is to defend the people of Donbas. “All duties of the special military operation in Ukraine will be carried out. Our soldiers advocate Russia’s safe development rights,” he said. Putin also stressed that Russia will continue to develop as an open economy.

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