‘KILLER’ The Russian Minister’s answer is like a slap he was disgraced

In Poland, demonstrators threw red paint over Russia’s Ambassador to Warsaw Sergey Andreev on Victory Day, which symbolized the defeat of Nazi Germany. Commemorating the Soviet soldiers who died in World War II, the ambassador to the Soviet soldiers Cemetery in Warsaw, the capital, met hundreds of protesters here. Protesters who wanted to protest Russia’s war in Ukraine were seen first throwing red paint behind Andreev. Then a protester standing next to Andreev threw paint on the ambassador’s face. Protesters also prevented the ambassador from leaving wreaths on his grave.

Some demonstrators, who have given the slogan “fascist” and “murderer” to the ambassador with Ukrainian flags, have seen red paint and blood stains on the white clothes they wear to symbolize the blood spilled in Ukraine. And red paint on the other protesters. The police helped the ambassador and his delegation leave the scene. The Soviet cemetery in Warsaw is known as the last resting place of more than 20 soldiers from the Red Army, fighting to defeat Nazi Germany. Although many of the symbols of the Red Army were removed after the fall of the communist regime in Poland, this cemetery was untouched. Berlin police banned the Ukrainian flag, which opened at the Victory Day ceremony, and Kiev reacted On the other hand, activists protested the war yesterday by parking a tank with a tractor in front of the Russian Embassy. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, tractors that have displaced Russian tanks have become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance.

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