Kidnapped the Mayor of Melitopol

Gerashenko, in his post on his Telegram account, stated that Fedorov was abducted by 10 Russian soldiers from the crisis center in the occupied city.

Stating that Fedorov did not agree to cooperate with the Russians, Gerashenko said that the President was forcibly removed from the building with a plastic bag on his head.

Located in eastern Ukraine, in the Zaporozhian Oblast, Melitopol was occupied by the Russians in the last days of February.

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  1. Nobody owes Russia a living. Who was unfriendly to the Russians in the first place? Look who was the one who invaded whose territory unannounced like a barbaric warrior wanting to own the whole world? If Putin wants a friend, he should be a friendly country first especially to his neighbour who was living peacefully next door without giving him any trouble. I think he ought to take back his words on who is on his hit list of bad countries. Are we kids?

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