It was the Best of the Russian Army! The Death That Shook Putin

Over three months of war in the war against Russia and Ukraine have caused numerous civilian and military losses. But the top commanders of the army’s greatest loss, Russia, who died in the war, lived. The Russians, who lost countless commanders since February 24, lost their best paratrooper commander this time. Two other Russian colonels were killed in Ukraine, including the country’s “best paratrooper commander”, which struck another blow in Vladimir Putin’s war. So the Russian army took another big hit. 34-year-old Colonel Alexander Dosyagayev, 104. he was the commander of the aerial assault battalion of the paratroopers. The 104. Air strike troopers were reportedly killed in Buca, a scene of alleged rape and torture atrocities committed by Vladimir Putin’s forces earlier in the war.

The Pskov-based battalion was considered Russia’s best in comprehensive combat training and military discipline, and was considered the winner of the Winged Infantry category in the Russian Army at the 2021 military festival. “I am proud that my soldiers and officers have shown the results they are trying to achieve,” Dosyagayev said after this success. The Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a statement about the death of Dosyagayev, “He met Ukrainian fighters and that was the end of it”. The Russian media agency Mediazona confirmed that there was another colonel whose name has not yet been released. 41-year-old Colonel Vladimir Ivanov was labeled “propagandizer” by the Ukrainian media for serving in the Information and Mass Communications division of the Russian Defense Ministry.

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