It has Been Officially Announced! Russian Soldiers Are Retreating

The governor has announced it! The Russian military is withdrawing! The invading Russian troops, which we said were withdrawn from the Donbass in the morning, are now also withdrawing from the Chernigiv region! The Governor of Chernigiv, Vyacheslav Chaush, announced the gradual withdrawal of the invading Russian troops from the Chernigiv region. This is how Governor Vyacheslav Chaush announced the gospel from his telegram account. “They’re pulling out now. We’re ahead now. Everyone will work to revive life in the region.

That’s our goal now. Our army is also doing demining work now in places where there were invading Russians before. Nevertheless, we will not abandon the measure. Those traitors can still fire missiles or attack us from the air.” The General Staff of Ukraine has confirmed that! In a statement, the Ukrainian General Staff announced that the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Chernigiv region is true, but they are still taking up positions against Chernigiv on the northern front. The Ukrainian army will not abandon the measure there.

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