Israel and Russia are preparing for war! The terrible truth!

The fight between Israel and Russia is growing Decisively! Jewish citizens living in Russia complained a lot about the Russian government. The Jews living in Russia were saying that the Russian government was trying to ruin everything for Jewish citizens and that they were acting as if Jews were the cause of all their problems. After the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine, Jewish citizens, even more agitated, began to flee to Israel and other western countries. A Jewish agency in Russia was helping Jews in Russia leave the country, but the Russian government decided to close this agency on the grounds that it was helping Jews leave Russia.

The Jewish agency of Israel, on the other hand, sued the Russian government and took action to have the agency reopened again. The lawsuit filed by the agency was concluded early and the court decided to postpone the case and decided to keep the agency closed for a while. The agency officials made statements that they would not allow any Jewish citizen to be harmed in Russia and would help them leave Russia by different methods.

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