Is the New War at the Door?

The war, which began with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and caused all geopolitical balances to be upset, led Sweden, which had been neutral for 200 years, and Finland to join NATO. As the military operation that started with the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for weeks, the eyes of the world have been fixed on the north of Europe this time. Finland and Sweden have officially announced that they want to become NATO members due to security concerns following Russia’s attempted invasion of Ukraine.

The fact that the two countries are taking steps to join the union means the end of the decades-old “neutrality” of the Baltic countries. “We have no problems with these countries, their membership in the Alliance will not pose a threat to us, but it will lead to our counter-reaction,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday at the summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization regarding Finland and Sweden’s decisions to become members of NATO. After discussions in the Parliaments of Finland and Sweden, the two countries are expected to submit applications for membership in NATO no later than tomorrow.

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