Is Putin’s new target Germany?

Nato has decided to increase its military support to Ukraine on a country-by-country basis, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba asked for support, saying that our only agenda is weapons, weapons weapons.

The expected decision from the Nato meeting came out that the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, which will be installed on the bridge, will be increased and accelerated. The United States has approved the sending of more anti-aircraft stinger and anti-tank javelin missiles to Ukraine.

100 kamikaze drones have reached Ukraine. Some Ukrainian soldiers who were in the United States before the invasion had been trained to use drones.

According to the Pentagon, they will be able to train other Ukrainian soldiers when they return to their countries.

Slovakia became the first nato country to send a long-range air defense system to Ukraine. Prime Minister Eduard Heger announced that he had sent the Soviet-made s 300 air and missile defense system in the inventory to Ukraine. Germany, on the other hand, is still undecided in its heavy weapons assistance, and the shipment of about 100 German tanks to Ukraine has still not been approved.

The final decision was supposed to be made this week, but according to politico magazine, Prime Minister Olaf Scholz is postponing it. It is believed that logistical problems delayed the shipment.

In addition, it is necessary for Ukrainian soldiers to learn the use, repair and maintenance of these tanks. Ukraine is waiting for the transfer of leopard tanks, as well as mardir and gm tanks from the German government. Czechia was the first country to send heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Tanks from the Soviet era were made available for use by the Ukrainian army.

Kiev plans to supply armored vehicles to the UK, which has decided to increase the supply of weapons to the government. Jul. The Australian government has kept its promise 20 bushmaster armored personnel carriers were sent to Ukraine at the request of Volodymr Zelenskiy. These vehicles will be used to evacuate soldiers and civilians.

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