Invader Russia threatens

“The US and NATO allies continue to ship weapons to Ukraine,” he said, saying the transport vehicles of NATO countries carrying weapons to Ukraine are a ‘legitimate target’. The Moscow administration reiterated once again that the vehicles carrying the weapons NATO countries will send to Ukraine are a ‘legitimate target’. Defense Minister Sergey Soygu said transport vehicles belonging to NATO countries that ship weapons to Ukraine are the legitimate target of the Russian army. Meeting with ministry officials, he said the Russian army expanded the area in Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics have taken control of in Donbas. Russian soldiers took extensive measures to protect civilians, he said, adding that temporary ceasefire was provided in conflict areas and humanitarian corridors were opened every day for the safe evacuation of civilians. Mentioning that the city of Mariupol is under Russian military control, he said, “the return to normal life in the city has begun”. Noting that Ukrainian forces in the field of the Azovstal Metallurgy Factory are under strict siege, Soygu said, “repeated proposals to nationalists to release civilians and release their weapons were ignored, ensuring they are protected and treated according to international law norms. We are continuing our initiatives.”

“The US and NATO allies continue to ship weapons to Ukraine. Any transport vehicle from the North Atlantic Alliance that comes with weapons or materials to the country’s territory for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is a legitimate target for us to be destroyed,” he said.

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