Intelligence Reports have Been Released! Putin’s Biggest Secret Been Deciphered

The Ukrainian war is in its 4th month. As the war, which has cost hundreds of lives every day, continues at full speed, intelligence reports prepared for Putin, the architect of the war, have emerged. Newsweek has reached out to both those who have access to the reports and those who have access to the reports, and thanks to this, the truth that Putin has been keeping secret has come to light. While it was stated that Putin, the architect of the war, ordered the army to attack, there was a news report from the United States that fell like a bomb on the agenda.

The US-based Newsweek magazine has reached out to the contents of US intelligence reports prepared for Putin. The assessment, which was attributed by Newsweek to senior officials at three separate intelligence agencies, provided the emergence of interesting information about Putin. ‘Putin is absolutely sick,’ said an official from the office of the Director of National Intelligence. Two other officials, one from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the other a retired Air Force officer, said they had extensive access to intelligence on Putin’s health and said the Russian leader’s condition was not bright.

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