India launches missiles at Pakistan

India said on Wednesday it had accidentally fired missiles at Pakistan, due to a "technical failure" during maintenance work.

The Pakistani army announced that the missile landed near the city of Mian Channu in the east of the country and that its route threatened aircraft passing through the region.

Making a statement on the subject, the Indian Ministry of Defense said, “A technical malfunction that occurred during routine maintenance operations on 9 March 2022 led to the accidental launch of a rocket” and added:

“The Government of India is aware of the seriousness of this incident and is conducting the highest level of investigation.”

Pakistan warned India that “this kind of irresponsibility could lead to unpleasant consequences”.

It was announced that the missile was launched from the city of Sirsa in Haryana, India.

According to the Pakistan Air Force’s statement, the missile flew at three times the speed of sound, at a speed of 3,700 kilometers per hour, 12 kilometers above the ground.

It was stated that the missile flew for 124 kilometers in Pakistani airspace.

Spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces Major General Babar Iftikharon said, “The flight path of this object threatened many national and international flights in both Indian and Pakistani airspace. It also posed a danger to people and structures in the area where it fell.”

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has invited the Indian chargé d’affaires to discuss the issue today.

Pakistan also requested that the outcome of the investigation be shared.India said on Wednesday it accidentally launched a missile at Pakistan, which was caused by a “technical failure” during maintenance work.

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