Huge Panic! Turkey stopped the Russian Navy in the black Sea!

A big blow from Turkey to Russia! As is known, Turkey’s position is of great importance for Russia. Due to the straits owned by Turkey, the Russian navies have great difficulty landing in the Black Sea waters. With the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army on February 24, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan banned Russian navies from entering and leaving the straits. The news reflected in the British press in recent days has once again revealed the importance of these straits. According to the British press, the Russian navy ships that were to be sent to the Black Sea for the mission in the past days had to return to Russian territorial waters via the Pacific coast because they could not use the straits of Istanbul. Unable to use the straits, Russian navies have been forced to anchor in Mediterranean waters for months. Days later, the Russian defense ministry said in a statement that the Varyag and Admiral Tributs navy ships belonging to the Russian navy were moving through the Chinese sea and reported that Russia had reached Vladivostok itself after a long time. The British press has announced that Turkey’s membership in NATO has significantly reduced Russia’s power.

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