How did the Russian generals become targets? Ukraine’s tactic has been revealed!

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from Ukraine for weeks… As the war shifts to the east of the country, the world is talking about the losses inflicted by Russia.

The largest blow to Moscow, which suffered heavy losses of troops and equipment in the war, was the murder of its senior officers and generals.

It is stated that at least 6 Russian generals were killed in the battle. The Russians, who are waiting for an easy victory like the ones in Georgia and Crimea, have still not been able to break the Ukrainian resistance. Having lifted its siege on the capital Kiev,

the Russian troops have turned the target to the east of the country. The heaviest blow to Russia, which had already suffered heavy losses and was far from achieving the gains it had planned in the war, was undoubtedly the loss of its generals.

At least 15 senior Russian commanders have been killed on the ground, Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Markiyan Lubkivsky said, adding that six of them are generals. As it is, everyone is looking for an answer to the question of how Ukraine achieved this. Noting that Ukraine has turned the fatal mistake of Russian troops in its favor, experts give the following answer to this question: smartphones. Adam Fish, CEO of the data platform Ditto, notes that most of the military-grade radios in the possession of the Russian army have not been modernized, so the troops are using their smartphones to keep in touch. While the Russians use their phones to exchange tactical information about the coordination of fire support and military maneuvers, this makes them, so to speak, an open target.

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  1. Regardless of who is responsible the world is shocked even more than Hitler’s minions.
    God will Bless those who Lost their lives and families.

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