Hero Zelensky on the Battlefield!

Recently, 37 innocent civilians were killed when invader Putin fired fire at the Mikolayiv governor’s building. Today Kahraman Zelensky went to that area. Zelensky, who has been inspecting the region, also met with his brave soldiers. Zelensky had a brief meeting with his soldiers, who went to an underground bunker with soldiers. Zelensky and his army of heroes, who have made a new success every day in the face of Russia’s invasion, are clearly in the clear with reports that he defeated Putin.

Zelensky, who decorated his post-visit troops, later made a statement on his social media account. “Our brave men and women, each of you working properly. We’ll definitely hold on! We will definitely win,” he said. Please state your opinion of Zelensky in the comment section. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news.

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