Helpless Putin confused what to do

Russian troops are moving from the Kharkov region to the Donbass.

the 13-kilometer Russian convoy was also viewed from the satellite. A mass grave was found in Buzova, near Kiev. Cnn international, on the other hand, claims that Russian leader Putin has appointed a new general to lead the war. During the Russian occupation of Ukraine, its direction was turned to the east of the country. the 13-kilometer Russian convoy was viewed by satellite. the images of April 8 have just been published by the US satellite imaging company Maksar.

A convoy of armored vehicles and artillery trucks belonging to the Russian army is seen moving from the town of Kharkov in Ukraine to the Donbass region.

It is believed that the troops went to the front lines in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Every inspection conducted in the Kiev region, where Russian troops are separated, reveals a new tragedy. A mass grave was found near 1 oil station in the city of Bozova. Dozens of bodies have been exhumed, it said. Previously, mass graves had been found at this age, when Russian soldiers were leaving.

At least 300 civilians have lost their lives in this era. Russia, turning its attention to the east of Ukraine, changed both tactics and general in the midst of the invasion.

According to Cnn international, based on US and European officials, Putin is the new 1 to lead the Ukrainian war. The general appointed it. He appointed general Alexander Dvornikov, who led the southern armies of Russia, to the post. This step of Putin’s was interpreted as the fact that Russia’s plans in Ukraine did not go as he wanted. Dvornikov, 60, was the man who led Russia’s operation in Syria in 2015.

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