Great Victory on the Battlefield! The Russians Are Losing

We continue to transmit breaking news about the wars on Earth. The interest in Ben Grant, the son of the British MP Helen Grant, is growing and has a lot of support. Ben Grant had won the hearts of everyone by volunteering for the resistance of Ukraine and joining the army. Grant has posted a video in recent months and the video has gone viral. The video shows him helping the Ukrainian military as they try to destroy a Russian tank. The son of Helen Grant, a Conservative Congresswoman representing the Weald and Maidstone in the UK, is officially fighting alongside the heroic Ukrainian army.

The published image shows a BTR tank being targeted. In the video, Ben Grant supports his friends by saying “go ahead”, “shoot now”, “watch out for the recoil” from behind as the tank tries to shoot down a rocket launcher it is targeting. Although the first shots fail, they hit the Russian battleship in the second shot. It seems that a vehicle was on fire at the time of the explosion, and shrapnel scattered. Another image obtained by the Telegraph newspaper shows Grant also helping an injured British Volunteer Soldier. Helping a volunteer named Arthur, Grant tries to get his friend up and applies a tourniquet dressing to his friend’s leg. ”Try walking, my friend, or we will die,” he supports his friend.

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