Great Support to the Ukrainian Army! Putin’s Army will be Repulsed!

The Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace in a statement, more than 20 M109 155mm icicles from the United Kingdom to Ukraine he announced that the motor gun and the 36 L119 105 mm artillery gun would be sent soon. Minister Wallace said that “more than 50 thousand rounds of ammunition for the artillery of Ukraine and battery radar systems will be sent. The United Kingdom is coming to Ukraine with unmanned aerial vehicles, including hundreds of aerial munitions in weeks together we will send more than a thousand 600 anti-tank weapons,” he shared the information.How to train up to 10 thousand soldiers of the United Kingdom for the Ukrainian forces it is also noted that it has launched a large training operation with potential.

The statement said: “The scale and range of equipment we provide demonstrates the strength of our commitment. Together with our international partners, it is necessary for Ukraine to defend its countries against Putin’s illegal invasion we will ensure that he has the means,” the statement said. Minister Wallace stressed that the UK’s military support and the ongoing support fund since the start of the war have increased to £ 2.3 billion.

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