Great Retaliation from Ukraine to Russia! Putin May Withdraw His Troops!

Welcome to Sinyor news The Ukrainian army continues its step-by-step successes on the ground and on the ground. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov in an interview on July 15, 2022, He again expressed that more rockets and weapons would be needed to Ukraine in order to completely wipe out the invading Russian troops of Ukraine from the land.

Minister Reznikov said that Western countries have supported the Ukrainian army with military equipment and weapons to date, adding that the equipment in question he stressed that it is more powerful and faster than the old Soviet weapons. At the same time, he noted that these weapons continue to be used on the battlefield in the eastern part of Ukraine. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, noting that the Ukrainian army will succeed, said: “I think this is a gradual move. The Invading Russian we are showing our troops that we can use the weapons supported by ourselves and the West very precisely and skillfully, and already the front has more we cover a large area of it. I hope that this year we will show our strength in a counterattack and succeed.” he used the expression.

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