Great harm from the USA to Putin’s friend! Putin has gone mad!

A US judge approved the seizure of two private planes worth more than 400 million dollars in Russian oligark Roman Abramovich on grounds of violation of US export and sanctions laws. Gulfstream and Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, believed to be one of the most expensive private planes in the world, are currently in Russia and Dubai, according to an FBI agent’s statement to support the commandment. The US Department of Commerce has also announced administrative charges against Abramovich. A government official said the maximum penalty if found responsible could be the value of airplanes. The US steps are part of an effort to punish the Russians known to be close to the Kremlin and to put pressure on the Moscow economy to end the invasion in Ukraine.

Although Abramovich was not sanctioned by the US Treasury Department’s Office for Foreign Assets Control, a US Justice Department official said the commandment “shows that no one is above the law and that being on the OFAC list does not give you the right to run”. sanctions or export controls.” Officials say American-made aircraft have entered and left Russia without a license from the US Department of Commerce. Aircraft and aircraft parts are subject to export rules due to potential military use and national security effects.

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