Great Danger! Bad news for Europe came from Ukraine!

Bad news for Europe came from Ukraine! Ukraine announced that they have stopped the flow of energy to Europe! Ukrainian government officials also expressed problems with the energy infrastructure leading to Europe. Zelensky, who reported that the Ukrainian energy infrastructures have received extensive damage due to the attacks that the Russian military has recently carried out on the energy infrastructures in Ukraine, said that they will not be able to provide energy flow to Europe for some time. Ukraine’s President, Volodimir Zelenski said in a statement, the Russian army in the Ukraine to the energy infrastructure of Iranian-made drones due to kamikaze attacks, which occurred a major problem in Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and the flow of energy to Europe for a while voiced stops. When the Russian army began to fail on the Ukrainian front, it began to target energy infrastructure in residential areas of Ukraine. Ukrainian president Zelenskiy said that 40 percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been damaged and is unusable.

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