God is on the side of Ukraine! Invading Russian Planes Left without Wings

A blow to the Russian Air Force, which has suffered major defeats by the Ukrainian Air Force to date, also came from its own aircraft. Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the necessary order to the Russian General Staff to fill its place and build new aircraft as its aircraft are running out in the war. Today, new aircraft made after that order have joined the Russian Air Force. The participating aircraft were sent to the army without ever being tested. Of course, when this happened, many of the planes that wanted to be used for patrol flight malfunctioned.

When the news that the planes had malfunctioned went to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Putin went crazy. As if the fact that the planes are expensive and the warplanes they have are decreasing every day as a result of the Ukrainian attacks is not enough, the fact that the newly arrived planes have malfunctioned has infuriated Vladimir Putin. What do you guys think about this?

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