Go to hell! Incredible event in Ukraine Putin’s infamous army RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR

In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, we entered day 76. As the bloody clashes continue at the front, terrible news continues to come from outside the front. According to a claim in Politico, Russian soldiers used the body of a Ukrainian to set a terrible trap. The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to cost thousands of soldiers at the front and countless civilians who are not at the front. It’s scary enough to freeze the reader’s blood.

The story of a mine trap in Politico has been a shock to the violence in its details. According to the report, Russian soldiers stuffed a Ukrainian man’s body in the trunk of his car with a weight-sensitive mine that exploded when Ukrainian soldiers moved him. His body was trapped in his own car trunk with a booby trap. His wife saw his wife’s body and called the Ukrainian soldiers to carry him, fearing a trap had been set. When the soldiers tried to pull the man’s body out of the trunk with a rope, the car exploded into a fireball.

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