German Intelligence Has Infiltrated Russian Radios!

Bucha was once the quietest city in its part of Ukraine.Now his name is commemorated by the massacre.
The legacy of the Russian soldiers who occupied Bucha for many days was a blood-curdling atrocity. To date, 320 bodies have been found in the city.
The identity of 163 people killed by the Russian invaders has been established, operations are underway.
Buchans, who have not heard from their relatives, are experiencing the most difficult wait of their lives.
Russia, which denies killing civilians in Bucha, claims that the images of corpses are fiction and conspiracy.
However, satellite images and eavesdropping by the German intelligence agency deny Russia.
According to newspapers in Germany,
In radio conversations listened to by German intelligence, Russian soldiers openly tell without hesitation that they killed civilians in Bucha.
The information they provided coincides with the images taken in Bucha.
The data obtained, according to German intelligence, are evidence that Russian soldiers deliberately targeted civilians in Bucha,
Moreover, the killing of civilians does not appear to be an individual act.It is considered part of Russia’s military strategy.

Ukraine and its allies continue to collect evidence against Russia.

No war crimes charges have yet been filed for the Bucha massacre.
Attention was turned to Borodyanka while the pain of Bucha was still fresh. Russian soldiers also left no stone unturned here.
The drone footage shows the extent of the destruction.
According to the president of Ukraine Volodimir Zelenskiy, the situation in Borodyanka and Mariupol is worse than in Bucha.
‘In Borodyanka, debris removal work has begun. The situation there is much more terrible.
The Russian invaders sacrificed more people.
What will happen when the world finds out the whole truth about what the Russian army is doing in Mariupol?
In Mariupol, there are sights that are seen at this age on almost every street.
The same cruelty, the same terrible crimes were committed.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine announced that 650 bodies, 40 of them children, had been found in places cleared of Russian occupation in the vicinity of Kiev.
There is concern that the number is increasing.The situation in the besieged Mariupol is still not clear.
According to the city administration, at least 5,000 people were killed. However, the data cannot be verified by independent sources.

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