From Kadyrov to Putin “Let’s Not Pity Anyone Anymore”

While the invader Russia is two months behind in its invasion of Ukraine, Kadyrov, the Chechen leader who is often mentioned in the war, appealed to Putin, the Invader, criticized him for being soft on Ukrainians. As the second month of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is behind us, Ramadan Kadyrov, one of the influential figures in the war and known for his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin, has targeted the Russian leader this time.

Kadyrov criticized Putin for ‘being soft’ on Ukraine. The British press suggested that Kadyrov, who is believed to be the richest politician in Russia after Putin, among other things, Russian troops also provoked disturbances related to Putin. Dec. Kadyrov demanded that Putin continue his intensive bombardments to seize and control the major cities of Ukraine. Kadyrov, seen in a video targeting Moscow, said: “We need to start the second phase and fully enter all the cities, including Kharkiv, Kiev, Kherson, and form the administration.” said. Kadyrov, in his words, “Continue the dialogue with other countries that want to establish relations with us. If they want sanctions, we will fight against sanctions, if they want war, we will fight… as a fighter, I ask the leadership of the state to take this decision. The sooner the better. Putin, we are waiting for the order. Comrade Commander-in-Chief, your henchmen are ready. ” said.

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