Flash warning from INTERPOL! A great danger to Ukraine!

The International Criminal Police Service HAS warned the responsibility that most of the weapons sent TO INTERPOL Ukraine could be in the hands of criminal organizations after the war. Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock pointed out that gun circulation in Ukraine is very intense, saying this would lead to rapid spread of illegal weapons in and out of Europe after the war. According to the report, Stock said that organized crime organizations are becoming increasingly globalized and have the potential to use the chaotic situation in Ukraine for their interests. “This will happen. I have no doubt. Criminal organizations are already focused on this,” he said.

Stock has warned that criminal organizations may have access to any weapon used by armies, including heavy weapons, and added: “Interpol has a database of information about weapons shared. We call on member states to use this database. Because no country and no region can handle this alone. The criminal organizations I’m talking about are working globally, so these weapons are going to circulate across continents.”

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