Flash Flash! Many Russian fighterjet was a hit! The Kremlin has issued a red alert!

2 Russian Su-25 fighter jets were destroyed in the city of Zaporizhia. While the conflict between the Ukrainian and Russian armies was actively going on in the area where the nuclear power plant is located, an air strike was requested to be carried out on Ukrainian soldiers stationed in the area with Su-25 fighter jets attached to the Russian army.

Ukraine’s armed forces, who realized that it would be an air attack fighter aircraft before approaching the area changed their current location by making a plan about what they’ll do, as soon as the opinion goes, fighter, air defense systems and fighter aircraft, launched rockets targeted by many. 2 Fighter jets that came to organize an attack were destroyed and crashed in the area. Thanks to the fact that the Ukrainian armed forces realized the incident early, the lives of many soldiers were saved, the functioning of the professional plan that was carried out was more than successful. Do you think that the Ukrainian army has trained successful and professional soldiers?

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