Europe Rallied Against Putin! Here is What Happened at That Meeting

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union gathered in Luxembourg.

On the table were sanctions against Russia,an embargo on natural gas and oil. However, no agreement was reached at the meeting. Joseph Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, made the statement after the meeting. He said that they are continuing to discuss how to implement the sanctions. He made the following statements: ‘We are measuring the impact of these sanctions on the Russian economy.

We will continue to discuss what else can be done. Everything is on the table, including sanctions on oil and gas. However, no decision has been taken today.

Borrell said that a general discussion on sanctions in the field of gas and oil was held at the meeting. He recalled that the European Union’s payment to oil in 2021 is 4 times more than the payment for natural gas. He stated: ‘If there is a sanction in the field of gas and oil, it is important to start with oil first. Russian oil was easier to supply from elsewhere compared to gas.

Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Relations and Security Policy,also accused Russia of causing shortages in the world. He made these statements: ‘Russia is destroying wheat stocks, preventing ships from leaving Ukraine and exporting wheat. They are the ones who are causing the famine,they are bombing Ukrainian cities and provoking hunger in the world. European Union sanctions against Moscow, on the other hand, did not cause shortages.’ he ended his remarks by saying.

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  1. Not all European people but the short sighted war game addicted leaders there in general.
    A good shefard auoght to take required risks for protecting his flok from jackals, dingos and hyenas roaming around.

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