Europe is on the Move! Russia Can Withdraw!

Welcome to Sinyor news Russia continues to attack Ukraine.As the attacks continue, economic sanctions are also starting to increase.Finally, the economic impact of the European Union on Russia there was support for the sanctions from Lithuania. Lithuania’s decision last week, Sanctions over Russia’s Kaliningrad region, defined as an EU External Zone the decision to ban the passage of its products was met with backlash by Russia.All these developments in the middle of Russia retaliated against Lithuania last week, Vilnius’ decision to restrict he had made threats.A new statement by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense yesterday stated that, “Lithuanian government agencies and companies are under intense DDoS attack.” his statements had been used.

According to the statement, similar attacks it is likely to continue in sectors such as transportation, energy and finance in the coming days it was also underlined that it was. The head of the Lithuanian National Cybersecurity Center, Jonas Skardinskas, is most likely from Russia he said secure servers were also among those targeted in the attack, which he Decried as coming. And behind the cyber attacks, the bomb scare yesterday almost paralyzed the Lithuanian government and it caused a huge wave of fear in the country. A flood of fake bomb threats yesterday hit government ministries in Lithuania, it briefly paralyzed the work of courts and police stations, and the Kaliningrad region retaliation by Russia for the decision to ban the passage of sanctions products through this was accepted as the case.

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