Cruel Putin is Trying to take Control! Their Insidious Plans have been Deciphered

Western sources say that Putin himself He claimed to have declared himself a brigadier general and sent tactics to the front.According to the latest claim made by the Western press in the headlines, Putin, he has already awarded himself military ranks in the war.Experts who monitor the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine say that Putin Decries Ukraine he says he’s been too personal about his war.

Vladimir Putin, according to Western military sources, He has become so involved in the Ukrainian war that he makes operational and tactical decisions at the level of Colonel or Brigadier General. As proof of this, the Russian leader said that last week the invaders tried to cross a strategic river in the east of Ukraine in a bloody an effort is being made to determine the movement of forces in the Donbas, where they were defeated. The sources also note that Putin is still working closely with the commander of the Russian Armed Forces, general Valery Gerasimov.

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