Big Victory! Ukraine’s Special Team Cornered the Russian Army


The “Special Team” of Ukraine wonderfully carried out its first operation! The heroic “Special Team” of the General Staff of Ukraine, established together with the order from Zelensky, landed on the field and captured one of the most critical commanders of the Russian army! The “Special Team” deployed to the Kherson region successfully completed the special operation it launched with helicopters and cut off the Russian convoy and captured the general of the invading Russian army! The heroic “Special Team” that cut off the invading Russian convoy again captured the Russian general after the operation, which was one hundred percent successful in the field, and immediately brought him to the Ukrainian headquarters. It is said that the Russian General who was interrogated at the headquarters of the hero Ukrainian army will not be released. The official statement has not yet been received from either side, but it is said that the name of the Russian General will be kept secret. Since there is a lot of information pollution in the relevant Telegram groups, we cannot transfer the information without clarification.


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