Biden accuses Putin of Genocide

The 49th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. as the day entered,

the news from Mariupol, one of the areas where Russian troops committed a massacre, caused deep concern. Ukrainian President Zelenskiy and officials suggested that Russia had used chemical weapons in Mariupol, quoting that people in the area were having trouble breathing On the other hand,

a message shared by the Azov battalion on its social media account stated that the Russians threw toxic substances at civilians with UAVs. US President Biden stated that the reason for the high inflation in his country is the war that Russia has waged in Ukraine,

while he also accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine for the first time. Ukrainian leader Zelenskiy posted a photo yesterday announcing the capture of Ukrainian opposition leader Medvedchuk, who has close ties to Russian President Putin. Zelenskiy asked Russia for Ukrainians who had been captured throughout the war in exchange for giving Medvedchuk, who was captured after 48 days of hiding.

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