Bad news for Putin! England has decided to go to war against Russia!

An order from England to prepare for war with Russia! The UK Command and management, which held an emergency meeting for Russia last night, and said that it would start preparing its armies against Putin! The UK administration, known for its help to the heroic Ukrainian army, has now announced to Vladimir Putin that he urgently needs to stop! After the attacks on Ukraine, together with the decisions taken by Vladimir Putin, the UK intervened in the incident. Last night, after several attacks carried out by the invading Russia, the British cabinet immediately convened and gave Vladimir Putin an ultimatum by saying “stop immediately”. The British General Staff, which said that Russia should stop its attacks as soon as possible, said that if Vladimir Putin does not stop, they may have to help the Ukrainian army. The Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, Patrick Sanders, gave Putin an ultimatum, saying: “We must be ready for a war in this region.”

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