‘At the end of year the Russian army will be destroyed’ Incredible explanation

Ukrainian Military Intelligence Chief Russia said it would be defeated by the end of the year. Ukrainian Military Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Budanov said Russia could be defeated “before the end of the year”. Saying that August will be a “turning point” in the war, Budanov argued that Kiev will be able to regain all its territory.

Speaking to British channel Sky News, Budanov noted that “victory will come even if it is difficult”. “In the second half of August, it will be a turning point and most military operations will be completed by the end of the year,” Budanov said. The military intelligence chief argued that Kiev knew “everything”, including Russian military plans, and that Moscow had given “heavy casualties as soldiers and weapons”. After Russia failed in Kiev, it focused on targets east and south of Ukraine. There was a lot of clashes in the Donbass area last week. The Ukrainian General Staff reported that the Russian army in the Donetsk and Tavriya region “used mortar, artillery, bombers to inflict maximum damage to the Ukrainian army. “At the end of the war, we will rebuild the Ukrainian power in all areas we have lost, including Donbass and Crimea,” Budanov said.

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