Another blow from Ukraine to Putin!

Russian President Putin in Ukraine on the 9th. he lost his commander.

59. It was confirmed by his sister that the commander of the Guards Tank Regiment, Alexander Bespalov, had died. Putin has appointed a commander with a high level of Syrian experience in Ukraine. Ukrainian troops are moving to liberate the southern Kherson from the Russian invaders, And in Mariupol, the Russians have not yet captured the center of the city.

According to ISW, which reports that Russian soldiers in the Donbas tried to take Rubizhne,

Popasna and Marinka, the Russian offensive forces, returning from the front line, refuse to participate in the battle again. The loss of life in the attack on the railway station in Kramatorsk has increased to 52, while the world has not yet been able to get over the shock of the attack. the identity of the Russian general who gave the order while Russia does not accept responsibility for the attack in which 52 people were killed has been revealed by Western sources.

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