An offer from Zelenskiy to Putin ! Take your man, give the prisoners back!

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy has offered to trade Russian leader Putin for the capture of opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk,

whom Moscow is preparing to replace if Kiev is overthrown. Viktor Medvedchuk, one of the leading pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, was captured and arrested the previous day. In response to the release of Medvedchuk, Ukrainian leader Volodimir Zelenski offered to exchange him for captured Ukrainian men and women. The Kremlin rejected Zelenskiy’s offer, stating that Medvedchuk had nothing to do with Russia’s special military operation.

Medvedchuk, the leader of Ukraine’s main opposition party, who has been under house arrest on treason charges since May 2021, has been on the run since the Russian invasion began. Medvedchuk, the leader of the Opposition Platform for Life, the second largest party in Ukraine, is a millionaire close to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He is well known in the region as a prominent figure in the politics of Ukraine and Russia. So much so that Putin even became the godfather of Medvedchuk’s little daughter Daria.t

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