All the losses hidden by Russia are exposed! Ukraine destroys Russian army

The Ukrainian General Staff announced that the number of Russian soldiers who have lost their lives in the war since February 24 has reached 32. In a statement made by the Chief of General Staff, it was stated that data on the losses of the Russian army in the war was updated between 24 February and 10 June. According to this, 31 thousand 900 Russian soldiers were killed on Ukrainian soil. In addition, 212 planes, 178 helicopters, 1409 tanks, 3 thousand 450 armored vehicles, 712 cannons, 125 missiles, 222 rocket launchers and 97 air defense systems were destroyed.

Russian forces have lost 2 thousand 438 vehicles, 13 ships and light speedboats, 572 unmanned aircraft. In the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed 33 occupational troops on the south side of the country, as well as the Grad rocket launcher system, 8 unmanned aircraft and 3 enemy ammunition. The Russian Defense Ministry announced on 25 March that 1351 Russian soldiers were killed in Ukraine.

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