A Statement from Zelensky That Would Anger Putin.The Russians Lost Strategically!

“The Russian leadership will either really seek peace, or as a result of this war it will leave the international arena forever,” Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskyy said,

noting that the only outcome of the war for Russia is strategic defeat. Commenting after a press conference with the Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian and Polish leaders, Zelenskiy said: “I am grateful to all our soldiers who have taught Russian soldiers that this war against Ukraine will sooner or later end in the strategic defeat of Russia. The Russian leadership will either really seek peace or, as a result of this war, will forever leave the international arena,” he said.

Zelenskiy said: “It was important for the leaders to visit Borodyanka in the Kiev region and see with their own eyes what the invaders were doing. For the leaders, this is another argument for concrete sanctions against Russia. First of all, we need an oil embargo. Europe needs to prepare to give up all Russian energy. The European Union should stop sponsoring the Russian war machine,” he said

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